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As a Born Again Christian, Son, Husband, Father, Church member, Church leader and as an Ordained Pastor and Minister of the Word of God I have observed Pastors, Church leaders and congregations forsake many of the fundamental principles of the Word of God that enabled the local Church to be a sanctuary for worship, fellowship, discipleship and refuge.  For over 2,000 years the Church struggled.  Through obedience to the Word of God she struggled, grew, prospered and enjoyed the blessings of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Throughout my youth and for most of the years Mary and I were raising our sons (we were married in 1964), nuclear families were strong, our communities were very safe and our nation was strong, safe and enjoyed unprecedented blessings from the Lord.

Please consider the following trends:

1Please contrast the historical Christian family with today's Christian families.

*Today, divorce is preferred to permanency and stability, even in our churches.  Among Christians,
  divorce and remarriage is approaching 60%.  Divorce among Christians has now surpassed the
  divorce rate of the unsaved.
*Single parenting is becoming a badge of honor, even in our Churches.  In fact it is now said that
  live-in men are more helpful than married men / husbands.

2Please contrast the historical Fundamental Christian Church with today's Fundamental
     Christian Church.

*Our Churches were growing spiritually and numerically.
*From Church family to Church family, in any given setting -- an Independent Church, a
  Denominational Church or a Church in association with other Churches, you knew what to expect
   in Doctrine and practice.  This is no longer true!
*The Word of God declares, "I suffer not a woman to teach or usurp authority over the man" and
  that Pastors, Elders and Deacons are to be the "husband of one wife."  Today Churches ordain
  women into the ministry as Pastors, Elders and Deacons.  In fact, there are many women today
  who Pastor a local church who -- divorced their husbands -- leaving their husband and children --
  so that they could enter the ministry.
*Further, the Word of God declares that the Pastors, Elders and Deacons are to be above reproach.
  Today's enlightened(?) Church ordains the -- guilty of moral sin, divorced -- and, the divorced
  and remarried whose divorced spouse is still living into the ministry of the Word of God.
Divorce and Remarriage & The Divorced and Remarried Pastors, Leaders)

  A number of years ago I was asked to be a guest minister at a very large [2,000+ membership]
  church with a large, Sunday -- TV audience.  Because they were looking for a "new Pastor," the
  Lord laid a message entitled "Transparency in the Parsonage and in the Pulpit"
[1 Timothy 3:1-7; Titus 1:5-9; 1 Peter 5:1-4; 1 Thessalonians 1:5-7] on my heart and mind, which
  I preached that Sunday morning.

  After the morning message I found out why the Lord gave me that message.  Their previous Pastor
   [who had just passed away a short time before] had -- had an immoral affair with the organist,
   divorced his wife, married the church organist and -- remained the Pastor of this huge church.  His
   widow, the church organist, was still the organist when I minister the Word of God that Sunday
   morning.  And -- roughly 1/2 of the  membership was divorced and remarried [1 Corinthians 5:6].
   They sat in the North half of the church sanctuary and the faithful to their vows with their spouses
   sat -- in the South half of the sanctuary.

3Please contrast our past communities with today's local communities.

*Today our schools have armed guards, metal detectors and sophisticated protective devices at the
  doors, in the hallways and in the classrooms.
*We can't build jails big enough or fast enough.
*Community centers and child care centers, rather than nuclear families, are raising our children.
*When I grew up, children could play alone and almost anywhere they desired  without supervision
   or fear (imagine no supervision and no fear today).  My friends and I (9 to 16 years of age) rode
   our bikes to and through neighboring communities, leaving home early in the morning with packed
   lunches and returned  just before dark ....time-and-time again.  Not so today.
*Children and teenagers had an abundance of part time, full time and summer  jobs available to
  them. Today the jobs aren't available and government restrictions are such that farm youth can 
  hardly work for  their own parents on their own farms.
*Youth gangs now roam our streets with cell phones to keep track of the police.
*Our streets are no longer safe.
*On our highways and expressways, "Road Rage" has a special Colorado Highway Patrol emergency
   number, *277.

      And then,

4Please contrast our nation's leadership and society's moral fiber with our present leadership
     and moral fiber.

*President Obama and his position concerning abortion and homosexual unions!!
President Clinton and his personal example!
*Hillary Clinton's and her "mis-remembered" Bosnia "sniper Gate".
*New York Governor Spitzer and his 2008 $4,000 plus call girl.
*The New York State replacement Governor Paterson and his adulterous revelations.
The Governor of South Carolina, Mark Sanford's admission of adultery by flying to Argentina.
Many of our congress and their examples!
*Many of our police and their examples!
*Too many of our public school teachers and their examples;
*Etc., etc. etc.

5Please contrast today's reality.  In our region we were told that crime is on the decline.  Really?

*The use of guns by teenage boys has doubled since 1989.
*4 of every 10 girls under the age of 12 have HPV STD from oral sex.
*Were there ever massacres in our schools or colleges when we grew up?
*Were there ever massacres in the grocery stores where we shopped?
*Were there ever massacres in the work place where we worked?
*Did you feel safe on your street after dark?
*Were you safe in your home at night with only the screen windows and screen doors between you
  and the night time?
*Was television a threat or was it entertainment (as a youngster of the 50s I confess that I did watch 
  Saturday night wrestling and boxing which taught me how to defend myself)?
*Did you know your neighbors?
*Were date rapes accepted social behavior on our college campuses?
*Were there college students dying from forced binge drinking?
*Were there college riots burning down and destroying the neighborhoods in which they were located?

Folks, I graduated from High School, attended college, married and began raising our family during the tumultuous 60's.

What the Word of God declares to be "adultery," (Romans 7:1-4; Matthew 5:32; Mark 10:7-12; Luke 16:18) our society, government and liberal Pastors have termed "remarriage," "2nd. time around marriages" and "blended families".

What the Word of God declares to be "fornication" and "adultery" (1 Corinthians 7:1-2), folks living and sleeping together without the vows of marriage, our society, government and Pastors have renamed "trial marriages," "common law marriages" and "alternative life styles".  When the elderly live this way, our society, government and Pastors term them as "avoiding taxes living arrangements" and / or "protecting their benefits" living arrangements.

What the Word of God declares to be "murder," (Matthew 5:21-22; Exodus 20:13) our society,  our government and our Pastors have renamed "BIRTH CONTROL," "FAMILY  PLANNING" and "ABORTION."  The person that kills a 9-month old baby outside of the  womb is a "MURDERER"!   The people [plural] that kill a 9-month old baby within the  womb are called a mother exercising "CHOICE" and a Doctor performing a "LATE  TERM ABORTION."  A previous Presidential candidate who supported a "woman's right to choose" declared himself to be a "Born Again Southern Baptist Christian."   And, our present 2009 President who supports a "woman's choice" and would deny physician assisted medical care for a baby who survived an abortion says he's a "practicing Christian"!!   A person will go to jail longer for killing a "Bald Eagle" or some other protected animal than for killing another human.  In Jefferson County, Colorado, two ladies killed a defenseless little girl by suffocating her in blankets and only received 16 years in jail and a drunk driver in North Carolina who killed a pedestrian was only sentenced to 27 months in jail.  

A nationally syndicated radio personality went on public record by saying "we treat our animals like children and our children like animals".

 All of the above mentioned terms, i.e., "remarriage," "2nd. time around marriages," "blended families, "BIRTH  CONTROL;" "FAMILY PLANNING;" "ABORTION;" "trial marriages," "common law marriages,"  "alternative life styles,"  "avoiding taxes" and / or "protecting their benefits" living arrangements" are nice, neat, polite, politically correct, non-offensive descriptions and sermon titles.  That is all that they amount to!!  These are only a few of our 21st. Century problems.  God's Word is very clear about all of the above mentioned sins 

It is also true that many of God's very best men are being told that their doctrinal positions are true and accurate to the Word of God.  Their resumes are without question.  And, they are told they will not find a Church that will welcome them as their Pastor or as a member of their Church because


Our Churches are declining, closing and our families are disintegrating at an alarming rate.  Obedience to the Word of God is our only solution:

2 Chronicles 7:14

"If My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

Notice that the Lord did not say that education, government, social reform, unions, religious organizations and / or religious zeal were the answers to our local, regional, state or national problems.  The solution will come when His own children (the Israelites of the Old Testament), the Born Again Christians of the New Testament Church age, decide to get serious about sin, confess their sins, repent from their sins and walk in the newness of life that we have been ordained to live. [Romans chapter 6


I believe that our world is asking the same question that Pontius Pilate asked Jesus Christ over 2000 years ago," What is truth?"
 (Link> John 18:38 <Link)


Will you help by renewing your personal commitment to Jesus Christ and His word; Jesus Christ and your personal walk; Jesus Christ and your commitments to your wife, husband (your wedding vows), your family, friends, associates, business ethics, social ethics -- your entire walk and witness for Jesus Christ?

Are you and I willing to make a personal -- life long commitment to serve Jesus Christ in such a way that when He returns to rapture His Church, we will not be shamed at His coming? 

1 John 2:28

"And now, little children, abide in Him, that when He appears, we may have confidence and not be ashamed before Him at His coming."

What is our answer?

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